2018.10.01 Kiyohara & Co.'s 40th Anniversary

Our company celebrated its 40th anniversary on September 1st.  We organized a series of activities including musical and artictic events for our staff to enjoy, relax and interact with each other.  Following is a brief introduction of the commemorative event for our 40th anniversary.

Date: September 15, 2018-September 16, 2018
First Day… Osaka City Central Public Hall (Osaka Classic)
                 SANDAYA HONTEN
                 Ashiya BayCourt Club
Second Day… Cruising
                    Koiso Memorial Museum of Art, Tanizaki Junichiro Memorial Museum 
                    Hanjotei Comic Theater

Day one
・Osaka City Central Public Hall (Osaka Classic)
 Osaka city central public hall marked its 100th anniversary this year, and listening to String Sextet No. 1 (Brahms)  in B♭ major, Op. 18 inside such a historical building was a great experience.

We had a relatively dinner at SANDAYA HONTEN.
The dinner was great, with delicious steak and  the joyful conversation we had.

・Ashiya BayCourt Club 
Everyone had a great time because of the various facilities Ashiya BayCourt Club provides.

Day Two
Spetacular sea view from the cruiser.

・Koiso Memorial Museum of Art, Tanizaki Junichiro Memorial Museum
It was the 30th anniversary of Koiso's death, and a special exhibition was held at Koiso Memorial Museum of Art.
Tanizaki Junichiro Memorial Museum was mainly about the famous novel "The Makioka Sisters" which was set in Ashiya.

Hanjotei Comic Theater

We watched Rakugo at the theater and it was the perfect place to wrap up a trip.