2018.08.16 The Tenth Seminar 【Technology Trends in Silicon Valley】

The tenth IP seminar was held on July 20, 2018.
The speaker for the seminar was the representative of Rainbow BioScience, LLC and Silicon Valley Office of Okayama University - Mototaka SENDA, and the theme of the seminar was "Technology Trends in Silicon Valley."

Talented people, products/services, capital, and enviroment/claimate, all of which are required for an innnovation were mentioned in the seminar along with the technology trends in Silicon Valley. 

In Japan,  there is a say that talented people, products/services,  capital are the most important factors for a seccessful business, while Mr. Senda mentioned the importance of enviroment and claimate.

Topics concerning technology trends were mainly about robotics and the rise of China as a tech superpower.  Mr. Senda also compared survies about technology trends in the near future that he took from participants, and the seminar turned out to be highly participative.