2018.11.09 The 11th intellectual property seminar was held at our office on October 5, 2018.

This time, we invited Mr. Hiroaki Noguchi who works for a company called "KOTOBUKI SEIHAN PRINTING CO., LTD." to give a lecture on protection of Japanese bees and on technology development of a new-type beehive.


According to Mr. Noguchi, Japanese and western bee may look identical, but have different characteristics. He clearly explained the differences between Japanese and western bees comparing to the differences between Japanese monkey and chimpanzees.


Although he is keeping Japanese bees just for fun, he is very familiar with beekeeping. As a matter of fact, he has been asked by a famous bee frim to give a lecture on how to keep Japanese bees.


Moreover, at the seminar, he introduced a new-type beehive, which employs a device called "Flow Hive" invented by Australian beekeepers, and also introduced demonstration experiments, etc. thereof.


At a get-together held after the seminar, Mr. Noguchi let us sample Japanese bee honey that was harvested using Flow Hive.