2018.03.08 "13th Annual International Seminar" held in Ahmadabad, India

Our director, Yoshihiro KIYOHARA gave a lecture on "13th Annual International Seminar" sponsored by MARKPATENT ORG. The seminar was held in Ahmadabad, India on February 18, 2018.

Ahmedabad is the largest modern city in Gujarat, India. There are many factories in the suburbs and also many mosques and Jain temples.

The lecture was held at a hotel near Ahmedabad Airport.

The content of the opening part of the lecture was about the present state of intellectual property rights in Japan.

After that, he gave a lecture on patent examination practices in Japan, using judicial precedents such as patent cases for kiri-mochi (cut rice cake) and sunscreen composition.

After the lecture, a beautiful and enjoyable ceremony was held.